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1 Ragnarok Aeon on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:42 am


This is Ragnarok Aeon, I'm the admin here. If you're on this forum, you probably know pretty much who I am already. If not, it's cool, that's what this board is for. As for me, I'm a programmer and an artist. I actually have a lot of different skills. I enjoy all sorts of video games (though I haven't played them as much as I've wanted to lately), cartoons like Adventure Time and Thunder Cats, and table top gaming. I'm also into wolves and ravens and I love to draw.

So anyway if you're new, introduce yourselves and stuff. Tell people about your interests, what skills you have, and that sort of stuff. You don't have to let anyone know your real life name or any personal details like age, sex, and location. I won't stop you from releasing that information if that's what you want to do. Hell, you can even just make it up. It's not like this is mandatory, and like I said most of newcomers will already be known. Still, it's nice to have a place for these sort of things in case we do get someone new.

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